​Caryl B Natural Face and Body Products

What our customers are saying...

"My skin felt so wonderful and soft."

"Your natural, marvelously rich skin care products are exquisite."

"The hand cream is amazing and the face products are great too."

QUALITY  ​Caryl B products offer high quality wonderful gifts for yourself or others. Caryl B is a luxury personal care company specializing in 100% naturally derived products with no detergents, petroleum and paraben ingredients.

For our soaps we use only naturally derived coconut, olive, soybean, and hemp oils as well as shea butter to provide luxury skincare consumers the most perfect soap bar. Our products are guaranteed not to dry out skin and leave people feeling refreshed.

​Caryl B's soap is made by the centuries-old cold process method. Each bar is air dried and hand cut. Our Artisanal Soaps have a creamy lather, long lasting, and are extra moisturizing, using sophisticated fragrances, which allows each bar to retain its scent throughout its use.

Caryl B's healing hand cream is made with a high percentage of shea butter; asmall amount keeps your handssoft for a very long time. Our therapeutic bath salts are a combination of Pure Dead Sea and HimalayanPink Salts. When choosing fabric, we use only the finest Linen and Cotton.